Tumor Acupuncture Cure

What is Tumor Acupuncture Cure?

Acupuncture is one of the holistic and complementary medicine techniques. Acupuncture is called cure for tumor treatment because it can balance the whole physical, mental and emotion of a person. Other than that, acupuncture treatment has no side effects and very safe for tumor patient. The role of acupuncture in the curative group is in its adjunctive use in anesthesia, in post-operative pain control, and in aiding and hastening recovery from the side effects of the various therapies.

Acupuncture treatment uses fine needles inserted divided areas (acupuncture points) in the body. The main function of this treatment is to restore the function of the body that are weak or do not work to recover and improve blood circulation. There are 365 acupuncture points for each person.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a person will become sick when the ‘ying’ and ‘yang’ in the person’s body was not balanced. Therefore, when undergoing acupuncture treatment, it can stimulate the blood flow hence back the ‘ying’ and ‘yang’. Acupuncture treatment will be more effective when it is combined with herbal medicines intake. This is because herbal medicine contain natural nutrient that helps keep the internal health of patient’s body.

Can Acupuncture help tumor patient?

There is several acupuncture benefit to tumor patients:

    • Pain Management

Acupuncture is very effective for managing pain related to tumors, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and inflammation. It is better than other treatment that has more side effects. Acupuncture treatment is suitable and the best choice for tumor patient because it has no side effects and not painful like surgery. For more effective it may take with some herbs medicine.

    • Immune System Modulation

Most of the tumor treatments cause a suppression of the bone marrow, the source of blood cells that are the army of the immune system. Acupuncture increase blood cell production and enhances natural killer cells and lymphocytes which leads to increased immune response and decreased risk of infection.

    • Inflammation

Increased inflammation is a part of the physiology of tumor. Others treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery also cause painful inflammation. However, acupuncture reduces the pain and swelling related to inflammation.

    • Nausea and Vomiting

One of the ways that can relieve the chemotherapy side effects such as frequency of nausea and vomiting is acupuncture.

    • Dry, Painful Mouth and Throat

Usually tumor patients receiving radiation to the head and neck experience dry mouth due to the reduction in saliva production. Patient leads to pain and swelling in the mouth and throat making it very difficult to swallow after this treatment. Acupuncture will reduce slowly the side effects of the radiotherapy and make the patient able to swallow, eat and drink normally.


Tumor Acupuncture KL

Chinese Acupuncture has a long effective history in China. It is a very popular alternative medicine in the world today. One of the famous acupuncture Chinese masters can be found in KL, Malaysia. Chinese master offers several treatments such as

All the treatment is done using acupuncture and herbs. Having this treatment simultaneously or sequentially with the other treatment can improve the condition of the illness. It is also popular because it has no side effect. This is because acupuncture and herbal treatment is the most natural treatment. Chinese master even plant his own herbs to ensure the quality of it.

Due to most of the treatment is long term, Chinese master always advise his patients to stay in Kuala Lumpur to complete the treatment. Many of his oversea patients under treatment will stay for 1-3 months traveling in Kuala Lumpur. While being able to complete the treatment, Chinese master can also closely monitor the suitable diets and preparing the suitable herbs for the patient.


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